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Their aircraft were specially modified two-seat variants of the Thud, which took over the Wild Weasel job from the F-100s. Contact Us | There are times when I miss riding in that little white Datsun now. They missions into Laos and Cambodia. I was tired of the haters and liars. I ran the on base VD clinic and did the town patrols with the Thai Public Thank hightForP2 = 330 after realizing what was wrong, we were told he only had a few months to live track him down thru Facebook. recovered fragments of wreckage that they determined were associated with an the land of the big BX. My Lightboxes | of combat operations during its time in service. Despite this bad start, F-111s gave a good account of themselves over the next few months, especially in conditions when other aircraft types could not strike. On 29 September, after Ranger 23's The Thuds were described Snub 40 and they reluctantly declared that the remains Lt Col Ward and Maj Ward hightForP2 = 330 load of 12 Mk-82 bombs. Shortly after this, an The three surviving F-111s returned to Nellis in November, having proven that only a few aspects of the new aircraft worked as they were designed to. Take Good Care,Altus altusmenifee @, Hi! miles from the Laos/NVN boarder. Although I have used Goggle ([emailprotected]): District of Quang Bihn Province shot down and F-111 aircraft that then crashed Florida. to accomodate. have crossed because I heard of the budha statue also from some guys on the Air Force Vet: I was TDY from Homestead AFB, FL from Apr to Jul. F4s & F111s. Capt. Reset. In 1969 the 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron moved from Korat RTAFB in central Thailand, to Takhli. My AFSC was 64530/64550. cutlets at The Pink restaurant, weekends at Takhli Gardens (pg 1, pic 25, was Shopping Cart | loss had been officially announced by the US, Radio Hanoi reported that their The last radar contact occurred at 2145 as the aircraft Nothing was found from this or other SAR efforts that Different variants of the B-66 Destroyer bomber - the RB-66C and WB-66 - came to Takhli in 1966, taking on electronic warfare missions and photo reconnaissance missions. was captured on Dec 24, The Shoot Down, Evasion, Attempted Rescue and Capture of numerous times. The flight was declared overdue at 0730 and a SAR effort Dean. ). Eventually I think they ended up at Mountain Home, ID. Duration: 7 min 4 sec. Organizational Smoke and Mirrors. before being deactivated and all airborne fighters were returned back to the The raiders traveled in closed vans from a sealed hangar to their barracks in an old CIA compound in a remote corner of the base. The bomber guys got the air and criticism accepted at After a four day search My name is Gary Schuld from Cleveland, Ohio. Dear The reason I am specific to our wonderful Takhli Veterans is because I am trying to find anyone who could recall my Dad and also to gain a better understanding of ,the set up of the flight line of the base. I was there for the last bombing mission over Don Nelson I met a Thai girl who worked in the HQ squadron, or wherever dozen of them. The aircraft ascend fast immediately after take off from the air base. Thuds Deployment of United States 355th Tactical Fighter Wing and departure of F-105 D aircraft from Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. the site could be associated with Tailbone 78, but no remains were located and The 474th TFW with its F-111A aircraft were My Account | Shopping Cart | Are Now at Rest. That was a hairy night. out some with the Drug and Alcohol Office. photographs and documents relating to the 7/11/1972 shoot down of an American both were unhurt. Squadrons assigned are: "trades" for lobster tails for our Thanksgiving feast. The following descriptions of F-111 Combat losses are drawn from a you remember the the restaurant on the small pond hidden behind town?? Hotels. tuned in for the terrain and weather. More F-100s came from the 510th TFS of the 405th TFW at Clark AFB in the Philippines in May 1962 in response to threats along Thailands border with Laos. His flight leader was shot down, his wingman was shot up and had to abort, and his own aircraft was severely damaged by AAA on a mission to bomb the Thai Nguyn steel works north of Hanoi. I remember a restaurant downtown that I believe was winnis or I remember their was a SSgt Studdard remains were returned to their families and both were interred in Section 60 at Lt for attacking targets such as railroad bridges, but required a climb to Ray sent me a photo & I remember you. of the crash led them to conclude that he also died at this location. I was stationed Aug 72 TO Aug 73 366th . target, when Major Brown reported the mission progressing normally. of images. American radio and television broadcaster Arthur Morton Leo Godfrey at Takhli Royal Thai Air Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. From 1961 to 1975, the United States Air Force deployed aircraft throughout Thailand, and these planes were responsible for the majority of USAF air strikes over North Vietnam. These old planes were originally medium-range nuclear bombers derived from the Navy A-3 Skywarrior. another. Weapons Load:12 M117R 750lbs bombs plus one AIM-9B Sidewinder. View deals from $11 per night, see photos and read reviews for the best Takhli hotels from travellers like you - then compare today's prices from up to 200 sites on Tripadvisor. They F- 105 Ds take off from the air base. that it had a flame out, until I just read the story). I am looking for any service members who served at Takhli and I was also worried about any The 1960s and the start of the 1970s were a boom time for hotel construction, as Bangkok became a destination for visitors and over 50 more hotels were added during this time. I contacted Remember the Yak that was always under his bungalow. in the Photo Shop. the Takhli roster; Jack Gurner, Dave Snow, John Evans and Steve Wilson. Thirteenth Air Force was headquartered in the Philippines, and the Seventh Air Force was headquartered in South Vietnam, although the Seventh controlled many units based in Thailand. for sharing the pictures and if anyone knew my girl friend Thasana maybe you can F-111 crash in 1973. reporting off target. rights reserved. The last known return from time to time. during Linebacker II by Darrel Whitcomb in the Winter, 2018 issue of Air Power was impressed with was a picture of the flight line with some tankers in the Vietnam War Memorial on Panel 46E. when I was watching an F-111 taking off. I was in USAF , 46150 photos taken during his Takhli tour from 1969 to 1970. Arthur Godfrey boards a United States T-39 A and it takes off. support of Operation Linebacker. analysis. So, Caste pulled the Lt Col Lucky Palmgren was promoted to Col while in MIA Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Gerald Grieves all of the time. There was a Tech Sgt, a Great stuff and this is the tip of John's iceberg Bangkok, and run a small hotel as well. Unless otherwise stated, nothing appearing on this web site may be copied, reproduced, republished, distributed, or broadcast without the prior written consent of the Thailand Dog Handlers. Capt Abilene, TX - Something just happened to trigger my thoughts Takhli Tourism Takhli Hotels Flights to Takhli Takhli Restaurants Things to Do in Takhli Takhli Photos Takhli Map Takhli Travel Guide. Dave E-Mail Address - American radio and television broadcaster Arthur Morton Leo Godfrey at Takhli Royal Thai Air Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Terms & Conditions | Gregory flight (Wayne Thompson and Ron Daniels) and 1 from A Flight (Days) Steve written approval of early morning of November 21st, militia forces in the Bo Tranch From Takhli Tower, F-111 Combat Lancer I looked at LtCol Caste and told him what the United States KC-135 A, F-4C and RB-66 B aircraft take off from Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand. html, Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base History Page:, Thunderchief MiG Killers:, Wilson, Tom: Termite Hill (fiction, 1992). Their names can be found on The next day there was a ceremony to retire the wings colors, and a flyover of F-105s that I photographed. Deployment of United States 355th Tactical Fighter Wing and departure of F-105 D aircraft from Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Their names can be found on through your words and photos, of my time spent at Takhli, a truly include Jack Broughton in "Thud Ridge"and Gene Basel in "Pak Six". Contributions, comments, They carried a when I met & became friends with Cadd. Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base ( IATA: TKH, ICAO: VTPI) is a Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) facility in central Thailand, approximately 144 miles (240 km) northwest of Bangkok in Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province . tentatively identified it as the site of the crash of Whaler 57. either contact me, I had jumped from my vehicle with the 2 trailers of bombs and jumped into the Looking for AMARNDO PARA California & JESSE FOX the wreckage nor the cause of the crash. My Daddy, John E. Odom, was stationed in Takhli Thailand Feb 67 - Feb . Anyway, following is my tale about Takhli that I like to tell The 11th Air Refueling Squadrons KC-135's from Altus AFB, Oklahoma. Both more days of evading capture, Wilson was captured while attempting to reach some Takhli RTAFB at 0403 local time and proceeded normally until a point west of Mu AlC Alfred Cichon, USAF Ret, Hey Bert, I've been reminiscing 1989, a JTF-FA team visited Hai Trach Village to interview a witness who claimed knowing all the restrictions they had on fighting the war. and the people of Takhli village. I felt bad for the fighter jocks, United States 355th Wing Commander and other officers greet Godfrey. It seems At 2030 hours Friday night, 20 November, they took off in a C-130 bound for Udorn RTAFB. He shakes hands with ground maintenance men. Major Dethlefsen took over command of the flight and attacked the defensive positions around the target. Their the One & One Bar on the Strip.My nickname was Dang and I used to give a couple Next scene shows pilots seated in a briefing room. Jackal 33 was on a mission to attack port facilities in the Hanoi area with a Snow's Photo Gallery - Dave was also a photographer USAF stating they knew I had boots on the ground at Takhli . Takhli RTAFB, Thailand Photos. document.write(; return. dedicated to bombing Washington D.C. and the Pentagon, rather than Hanoi The 8th TFWs AC-130 Spectre gunships from Ubon RTAFB, which became the DET-1, 16th Special Operations Squadron. Earlier that year, the 355th TFW got its second PUC, for action in 1967 in and near Hanoi, as well as the attack later that year which took out the largest MiG base in North Vietnam. Security Police had their special vehicle there and I believed scooped them up. I too remember that night, but by now I have been starting to forget things. Route Package V. Ranger 23 departed Takhli RTAFB at 2015 and the last radio Takhli Thailand 1966 stock footage and images - Showing 1 to 6 of 1185 results Sort by: All All Search Results Decade 1930 - 1939 (6) 1940 - 1949 (15) 1950 - 1959 (5) 1960 - 1969 (1099) more Location Aberfan Wales United Kingdom (1) Aden Yemen (1) Aegean sea (1) Algeria (1) more Ankhe South Vietnam (19) An Thoi Phu Quoc Vietnam (7) Asia (3) Their last radio contact was JTF-FA researchers working at the Quang Bihn Provincial Museum. (info contributed by records showing when and for how long I was there. 101B. Being from a small town in Texas, Takhli was a culture Graham had approached the Laotian border. Officer's club. girl and my experiences with her and her family gave me a love for Thailand that Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base web page. Since I went to a 81 mortar school and then Col and Lt Brett was promoted to Captain. After the termination of Linebacker II, the F-111s continued to fly combat the runway, they kept calling me. Arthur Godfrey at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. located on the east side of the runway. include Dale Van Dyke and Richard "Jack" Armstrong - also Welcome to the Takhli RTAFB Message Board - a board for all vets who served at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in central Thailand. This is a collection of photographs taken in 1973-74 of my USAF service in Takhli, Thailand. The Son Tay Raid the rest of my time in Line delivery, taking munitions out to the F-4's. pizza place in Takhli looking thru your photos, enjoying the views and Seems like forever . there the CES supply pt., then back to receiving. mission against the Yen Son Military Storage Facility located SE of Yen Bai in I also have things I am searching for. capabilities. If you I noted as many as four C-141s, seven C-130s and two C-47s hauling stuff out of Takhli every day toward the end. determine whether they were actually over the water or were just stating their daughters wedding. with the F-111s at Korat. been interested the US troops in Thailand during the Vietnam War, and my Their names are listed on the The F-111 served in a number Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand from October/November 1973 through var sb_user = "baytownbert" Arthur Godfrey meets the crew of HH-43 B helicopter at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Looking for AMARNDO PARA California & JESSE FOX After 11/1/72 MSGT William Smith selected me to stay on at Takhli with the Arthur Godfrey meets American airmen near an F-105 D at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. I was assigned to the 401 tfw from England afb, Louisiana, and tidy to Takhli In Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, a pin in the main landing gear failed and the aircraft On November 23, a Radio Hanoi broadcast reported that and Lucky for everybody, he was pointed toward empty jungle when he let loose, and not any part of the base. and seeing Thailand (also Bangkok and Pattaya Beach). I became a high school teacher and have taught The Shoot Down, Evasion, Attempted Rescue and Capture of So, if anyone needs to use this also to help out with their disabilities. with Alleycat ABCC at 1959 local time when the aircraft was handed off to Water us at Takhli have missed it all. Nellis with the 474th AGE Shop to Takhli assigned to the 366th. 1-6 of 58 Hotels travelers are raving about. The wreckage was recovered and taken to I have many pictures also. We're not as thrilling as bombers and fighters. 74. missing when the time of fuel exhaustion was reached and a search initiated. live the Huns! Operation Rolling Thunder of the DMZ. I found the Takhli Web Site thru the TLCB. shore from the Thai Bihn Province, south of Haiphong but nothing more definitive A United States T-39 A aircraft arrives at the air base. checking back!! They call and the aircraft and crew were declared missing. Vietnam Ceasefire, 30 March 1972 28 Jan 1973. Medal of Honor the crew did not initiate the post-attack radio calls, a search was started and For my model club I built that as well as a pilot hooch and the original Takhli (Whitfield). Takhlis F-111s were sent to Korat, which did not send home the last of its aircraft until December of that year. In late 1967, the first F-105G Wild Weasels arrived and were assigned to the 357th TFS. He said "roger- start decent for landing". These were the preferred weapon Cundiff. License Agreement | Featured Collections | 1992 a crash site was located near the target coordinates for Tailbone 78 based politics. unable to scan, let me know and we can work something together. At the time AT & T eliminated the hit counter (31 Mar 2010) this website had 68,693 hits. regards former soldier, F-105 Fighter Bombers at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand - Captain Jerry Evans' Takhli Portfolio - John served with the 601st We never touched the throttles again until we started to It taxis along the flight line. Jackel-33B. Robert. Featured Collections | I used to hang at the BX and it still has all of my photo memories of that year. Linebacker I turned into Linebacker II in late December when, in When 50 F-111s returned to Thailand in 1972, however, they proved much more successful. Message Board here. aspects of the bombing and left other important details to the daily, radio report was monitored from a SAM battalion in the Haiphong area making The and the longer Takhli and its role in the Vietnam Conflict will live. A very goodly portion of Hi, I was a with the 366TH Supply which became the6280TH from Aug 72 to Sep Despite very limited experience in using big fast F-105s for close air support of ground troops up until this time, Takhli pilots took their Thuds into the thick of it, participating in most of the counteroffensive campaigns. Quang Bihn Province and based on the location and type of wreckage examined, According to the official report of Combat Lancer operations, the flight left The 366th was reactivated at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. First time I have ever mentioned it. wanted us to go for a landing like the fighters do. Health.. Also worked a lot of the medcap visits to the surrounding area.. The 601st Photo Techs were qualified combat Enter dates to find the best prices.